Zozo's Flying Math

Zozo's Flying Math is a simple Math Drills program that works like math flashcards.

I wrote it after trying unsuccessfully to find a straightforward math flashcards program that wasn't either visually unappealing or visually distracting.

Zozo's Flying Math was designed to provide an effective way of teaching basic math facts, without distracting 'gamey' elements common in much children's software.

You can download the runnable program here at the SourceForge Project Page.

System Requirements are as follows:
Windows 98SE, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Runtime
DirectX 9.0c

I recognize that these are pretty heavy system requirements for a simple math program, but Zozo's Flying Math was written in C# using .NET 1.1 libraries and Managed Direct X as a way of learning this language/API and also eliminating a lot of the busy-work associated with writing Windows applications.

As it takes advantage of Managed DirectX for all of the "flying" parts of the game, it's not a good candidate for porting to Mono, unfortunately.

Hopefully some day I'll port it to C++ and use software rendering so that the system requirements are low enough to make it practical for use by elementary schools that have low-end Windows computers.

If anyone wants to contribute towards that end, please contact me via the SourceForge site.

Thank you for your interest.